Music deserves to be heard.

And we’re on a mission to let no original tracks go to waste.

Founder of 5 for 5 Soundtracks, artist Frime curates his best work and collaborations alongside his experienced team of producers, sound engineers, and musicians.

For close to two decades, Frime has been directing and editing videos with a clear understanding that music is essential to bringing any video to life. His background as a creative director has empowered him to produce content with audio that stands out and delivers.

He is driven to get great music into the hands of storytellers across the globe.

‘‘As prolific producers, we accumulate a lot of excellent music that ends up sleeping on our hard drives. My mission is to not let that happen anymore, to me or to any other talented producers I know.’’
– Frime
5 for 5 plans to expand its content library over the next decade to include music from a variety of hand-picked producers wishing to make their music available to our community of online content creators, podcasters, agencies, and more.

‘‘As always, with the simplest and most affordable plan in mind.’’

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About Frime

Working out of Quebec, Canada, artist Frime is a multi-lingual, unconstrained and independent musician with a refreshing and original crossover style. Pay attention as he drums up worldwide appeal with his one-of-a-kind music, professional work ethic and brand. He is the founding artist behind 5for5, driven to get great music into the hands of storytellers across the globe.